Structural Engineering & Design

Our structural engineers use the latest 3D structural software to design, analyze, and optimize steel structures to the latest applicable building codes. With our vast experience, any concept can be modeled into the structural software to check for deficiencies against national and international building codes. The software allows us to analyze each member of the structure and assess whether the member should be sized up, or can be optimized to reduce cost. Once the figures of each member meet the standards of the applicable building code, the structure is ready to be detailed using the latest CAD software for fabrication.

Our Engineers have extensive pipeline experience and understand the crucial factors that must be considered during the design stage – including distance to be travelled, environment to be travelled through, expected volumes to be delivered and types of commodities that will flow through the pipeline. Brighton’s experience includes generating pipeline specifications for listed and unlisted materials, all ensuring the safest code compliant pipeline.

Depending on the location of your structure, our engineers will design it to withstand the region’s specific wind, snow, seismic, and soil characteristics. With our skilled team of structural designers and draftsmen, we can take your structure from concept to design, optimization, and detailing.

  • Modular Steel Design & Engineering
  • Pipe Racks & Equipment Supports
  • Mining Conveyors
  • Antenna Tower Design
  • Engineering to Canadian National Building Code (NBC), Provincial Building Codes, and American ASCE 7
  • Simulation & Design Verification with industry-recognized software