Piping Engineering & Stress Analysis

Brighton has been a leader in Piping Engineering and Stress Analysis since the company was created. From SAGD to LNG, our engineers have the skills and experience to handle a variety of piping engineering needs.

Piping Materials

When it comes to piping, we are experts in knowing what materials are best suited for any piping need. From carbon steel, to duplex stainless steel, to fibreglass material, we have worked with the most commonly used piping materials and can provide our clients with the best possible recommendations. We can also create or review custom piping specifications for unlisted materials to be registered with regulatory bodies.

With hot piping temperatures capable of reaching well over 500C, and cryogenic piping temperatures below -200C, extreme care must be exercised when designing and supporting piping within a facility. Safety is the number one concern and Brighton’s engineers have the experience and expertise to design and optimize piping layouts in order to reduce overall pipe stresses in the system and their subsequent effect on connected nozzles and equipment.

  • High temperature steam supply pipes connecting OTSG’s to pipelines and wellheads to power the SAGD process
  • High pressure emulsion and gas pipes from wellpads back to Central Processing Facilities
  • Water treatment and brackish water disposal well piping (using Duplex Stainless Steels)
  • Low temperature LNG pipes from cold boxes to LNG pumps and vessels experiencing temperatures as low as -190 deg C
  • Large bore (60+ inch and larger) propane dehydrogenation processing piping
  • Dynamic simulation of compressor piping systems
  • Flow analysis and NPSHa calculations for ideal pump operation
  • Shock, Fluid Hammer, and Steam Hammer analysis
  • Equipment package knowledge: From API Pumps, vessels, tanks, compressors, PSVs, air coolers to ASME VIII pressure vessels, boiler tubes, and exchanges