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At Brighton, we are dedicated to innovation and change. Some of our studies include:


Thermal Hot Spot Evaluation in API/ASME 579

Integral Mean of Yield Concept Applied to Thermal Hot Spots – Validation of a Level 2 Damage Assessment Method

Abstract. View PDF file here: PVP2018-85068 Apr 12

The overall framework for a Level 2 assessment of local thermal hot spot in pressure vessels was first developed by Seshadri [1]. The assessment procedure invokes the concept of integral mean of yield and the concept on a reference volume to determine the reduction of load capacity caused by hot spot damage. This paper investigates the accuracy of this assessment by comparing the results of the Level 2 assessment with a Level 3 assessment (inelastic finite element analysis). Three examples with varying pressure component and hot spot sizes are considered. The comparison yielded a low variance between the Level 2 and Level 3 assessments with the Level 2 assessment being more conservative.


Advanced Process Technology

Brighton Engineering Solutions Ltd. has developed technology to increase the profitability of any SAGD operation, while at the same time eliminating the greenhouse gas emissions normally attributable to it. Bitumen treated by our patented process requires significantly less diluent addition for pipeline transportation purposes, compared to the dilbit commonly produced by SAGD plants. The upgraded product alone is worth far more from a strictly economic viewpoint, and from an environmental standpoint, it has no waste products to be burned by the consumer. Instead of natural gas or other fuels, these waste products are utilized to satisfy the energy requirement for the SAGD operation, through which elimination of greenhouse gas emission can be obtained. Our technology has been profiled by Oil Sands Magazine. Please contact Luke Chan ( or Richard Hood ( for further information. Click here to visit Best Carbon Capture.


Truck Frame Brittle Fracture & Finite Element Analysis

Coming Soon.

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